Rental boat in Sorrento


Brivido Marine offers a wide range of professional services, such as: rental boat, boat tours, private excursion. In particular, Brivido Marine is a real guarantee for a rental boat in Sorrento, thanks to high quality boats and a professional staff ready to satisfy customers’ desires.

Why choose a rental boat in Sorrento? Many people own boats which allow them the freedom to use them when they want. However, most of them choose the option to rent it out. There are many benefits of availing the option of renting a cruiser boat: owning the boat means higher investments, boats depreciate, zero maintenance cost, variety of boats to enjoy, guilt free ride.

Boat tour in Sorrento

Are you looking for professional solutions for a boat tour in Sorrento? Thanks to Brivido Marine you have the opportunity to live a fantastic adventure and experience unique emotions, with a long series of special solutions suitable for every need! In Sorrento you can find magical and spectacular places to visit directly from the sea, letting yourself be enchanted by the beauty of nature. Choosing Brivido Marine for a boat tour in Sorrento does not mean choosing a simple boat rental service, but it means living a real exciting and immersive adventure, being able to choose between numerous types of boats and different personalized tours.

Charter boat in Sorrento

Do you want to try the charter boat in Sorrento? You are in the right place! Brivido Marine offers you the opportunity to visit the wonderful places of Sorrento, including: Marina Piccola Beach, Marina Grande Beach, Bagni della Regina Giovanna, Puolo, Conca Azzurra, Marina della Lobra, Marciano, Ieranto, Nerano and many other natural and spectacular places. Thanks to the charter boat in Sorrento, you can enjoy a fantastic boat trip full of fun and relaxation, exploring these fantastic places. Brivido Marine offers you the possibility to choose between the tours you prefer, with a personalized and tailor-made service for you!

Boat Excursions in Sorrento

Why is Brivido Marine considered the best solution for boat excursions in Sorrento? The company is guided by the passion and energy of the founders and a professional staff made up of highly skilled and experienced professionals with many years of experience. In addition, the boats offered are of the highest quality and of different types, so as to guarantee each customer the experience that best suits their wishes. At Brivido Marine you will find enchanted places, a wonderful sea and many fantastic emotions! What are you waiting for? Call us now at 328 334 0477/3662719439 for your boat excursions in Sorrento and live your unforgettable adventure!

Private excursion on a boat in Sorrento


Would you like to live an amazing experience? Are you looking for a private excursion on a boat in Sorrento? Brivido Marine is the best solution for you! It’s a company that provides professional and accurate services, with the aim of making people experience fantastic days!

Where does Brivido Marine’s passion and energy for private excursion on a boat in Sorrento come from? Carlo is a 30 year old boy from Naples who was almost born on a boat, as he put his first foot on his father’s boat at the age of 2 months. Since then his family has always owned boats of various types with which they have been able to explore every corner of the Gulf of Naples, so much so that they know the area “like the back of his hand” and since then his great passion and his work has been born.

Subsequently, Carlo undertook his nautical studies and consequently worked as a Navigation Officer on the largest cruise ships in the world for over 5 years. All these elements allowed him to gain a lot of experience and professionalism, and to stimulate his strong passion.

Call us at 328 334 0477 / 3662719439 to book a private excursion on a boat in Sorrento, we are waiting for you!


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